Yuletide Magic (Novella) - Released December 2011

Working as a elf in Santa's village in her local mall, all she sees all day is rude parents, whiny children, mean people and foul shoppers. 

But her hatred of Christmas goes even deeper than that. Her heart is hard and cold around Christmas; it will need a bit of divine intervention to melt Abigail's bah humbug heart. 

That divine intervention arrives in the form of Clayton Jasper Riddell Greyhound the Fourth, an Angel on his yearly Holiday mission: to bring Holiday Joy and Cheer to one who needs it. He tells Abigail that he is her destiny. 

She thinks he's a fruitcake. But fruitcake or not, Greyhound means to show Abigail the true joy of Christmas and the Holiday season. 

Whether she likes it or not. 

Yuletide Magic was released as a free Limited Edition EBook from December 1st to 31st, 2011. It was downloaded 250 times! Now that's a bit of Holiday Magic! 

What reviewers are saying: 

Jamieson Wolf has penned aquick Christmas read is a down-to-earth story of regaining family, heart, hope, and the spirit of the holiday season.

 As a child, Abigail Ivy thought the holidays were great. Then a divorce and the upheaval that brings to families started a series of disappointments that lead to her disenchantment with all things Christmas. As an adult, she now endures a job in retail and all that the holidays do to that work environment, but she remains embittered. 

Until an angel with the odd name of Greyhound shows up in the parking lot one evening with a Christmas message. She's got self-esteem in spades so she's no shrinking violet in this strange man's presence, but she certainly gets bent out of shape when he "appears" in her apartment! It takes a little time to gain her trust (as it should!), but Greyhound slowly (and with some humor thrown in) brings Abigail around to the spirit of the season. 

I won't give away the ending, but I'll tell potential readers that Wolf gives a satisfying story with family and love and a mystical twist from the angel Greyhound that helps mend hearts and home. This is a well-told story, as all Wolf's stories are. Nothing is wasted in Wolf's writing! 

Fantasy Author Sandy Lender, Author of Choices Made for Gods, Choices Meant for Kings and Choices Meant for All