Coming in January of 2012!

I've been working on an idea and I wanted to share it with all of you. I can't tell you everything yet, but what I can tell you is this: oh yes, there will be blood..

Coming in late January of 2012, I will be releasing my collection of short stories titled Blood and Ink. The stories are centered around the theme of writing, writers, readers and books.

Here's a bit about Blood and Ink:

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Ernest Hemmingway

Every writer knows that there is more than ink that goes into a story. Many would argue that there is also sweat and tears encased in words. In words, there are hopes and dreams, wants and desires. But there is also blood.

Every writer puts a bit of themselves into a story, just as every reader puts something of themselves into a book. What would happen if words had more power than we thought they had? What if they had control over us?

Blood and Ink is a collection of 15 stories that takes an intimate look at the craft of writing, each following the theme of blood and ink. Each story follows a different writer or reader as they experience the power of the written word.

And what it can take from us.




Blood and Ink will be available from Wolf Flow Press in two different formats:

You can read twelve stories for $7.99 in a lovely (and environmentally friendly) print  edition. Blood and Ink has been produced with print on demand technology in magazine format. This means that its thin like a magazine and uses less paper. It is also printed to order, so every copy is specially made (leaving no excess waste).

OR (and how cool is this?) You can experience Blood and Ink eBook! You can read the entire fifteen story collection for $3.99! As well as three extra stories not found in the print edition of Blood and Ink, the eBook also includes a brief introduction on the genesis of the collection and a coda. 

Why two different versions of the same book? Well, Blood and Ink, the print version, is the collection as a whole. All the stories contained within its pages fall within the theme of blood and ink and the written word. Think of the three extra stories and coda as the Special Features of the eBook edition.

This was done for two reasons: this way, the collection is printed inexpensively in a different kind of format that produces little waste. And, with the eBook, I had a bit more room to play with cost wise. I wanted to embrace different ways of storytelling in different ways. I do have another good reason for giving the eBook that extra little nudge, but I'll save that bit for later.

I wanted to do something that embraced all forms of storytelling, so Blood and Ink will (luck willing) also be produced as an audio book and an iPad/iPhone app. In this way, hopefully, I've embraced the written word (a physical book), but oral  (audio book) and electronic traditions (eBook and iPad app), too. Oh, and then there is the writing of the tales themselves-which is a theme that, in some way, runs through each story. 

Blood and Ink

Experience the Blood, share the Ink...

Coming in 2012 from

Wolf Flow Press