12 (A Novella) - Released August 2011

Oliver hates Christmas.


He hates the fakery of it, the false joy that lifts everyone’s spirits. But only momentarily, only until the next box is opened, until the next piece of paper is torn away. But he is a true bringer of joy.

In taking their lives, he is the giver of ultimate pleasure; and what better gift could there be for the Holidays than eternal bliss?

But this year is special. This year is 12.

Every year, for eleven years, Oliver has chosen twelve people, one person for each of the twelve days of Christmas. This year is 12. The final year.

This year is personal. This is the year of the 12, payment for all of Oliver’s hard work. And he intends to collect. Eleven victims have already fallen-and Oliver has saved the best for last.

Merry Freaking Christmas. This year, there will be blood.




What Readers Are Saying About 12

Dark and sinister and deliciously sensual. Just like Christmas should be. 

A short and bloody Christmas carol which will be a great read tucked up next to a fire, listening to the carolers creeping closer. Wolf writes with black humour and a blacker poetry. 

For all of you, like me, who think that the real message of Christmas may have gone missing, this is well worth the read.

Nik Jones - Author of 9987

Tackling the horror genre, Wolf slips readers into the mind of a psychopathic killer. Oliver desires only balance in life, and he's found a way to give the gift of joy to others. He's given this gift for years, but tonight it will be really special... With ease and poetic rhythm, Wolf effectively leads us through this tale of death and revenge. 

L. Diane Wolfe - Author of The Circle of Friends Series

A romping Christmas fantasy of bloody revenge and gothic horror. Oliver is about to complete his years of revenge killing for being separated from his beloved Lenore. He seeks balance in his life, by eliminating those elements that have robbed him of it. Wolf's prose crackles with life as he weaves a contemporary story with the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. One for all those whose Christmas holidays aren't the endless stream of joys we're all supposed to endure. 

Stephen Shieber - Author of Being Normal