Welcome to Wolf Flow Press!

 Wolf Flow Press is a publisher that focuses on episodic fiction and poetry. novellas, serial novels, poems and verse. These works are intended as a quick read, a portion of a bigger story to come. 

Reading time for each work varies on the genre, but novellas will average a one or two sitting read. We know that life moves quickly and that there are other books to read. 

Wolf Flow Press may have some dark subject matter with focuses on horror, the supernatural and the bizarre, but at the core of each story or poem is a heart, just waiting to be read. 

Remember, the Wolf only hunts at night...


Our newest release is a holiday novella sure to help you get into the Holiday Spirit. It's available for free, our gift to you this year. It's available in .mobi, .epub and PDF formats. 

Get your copy HERE and from all of us to all of you, Happy Holidays!